On Being Torah Role Models for Our Children

We've previously blogged about how there's no coincidences when an unusual phrase or word appears in two different places in the Torah - undoubtedly there's some message to be extracted.

An application of this idea appears in parshat Vayeshev. After learning of Yosef's apparent death, Yaakov mourns. But the mourning does not stop (after 12 months according to the Torah Temima), and so his children seek to comfort him. The Torah records Yaakov's response: "Vayema'ain l'hitnachem" - he refused to be comforted (37:35).

Where do we next see the word "Vayema'ain?" In 39:8, Potifar's wife attempts to seduce Yosef, and Yosef's response is "Vayema'ain" - he refused. It's the identical word used to describe Yaakov's refusal to be comforted. What is the connection?

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